18 Years
has been producing world-class skate parks
2000+ Skateparks
12 Years warranty
on RHINOTOP composite skate surface
35 Countries
where you can find RHINO skate parks


All RHINO components are 100% recyclable and produced with 100% green energy
TUV Certified to EN safety standards
World’s quietest ramps
Rhino is a member of the CEN/TC 136/WG 12
Rhino is a member of SPAUSA

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Do you know how many divisions by skateparks styles?

SkateArts These elements are often used in the construction of Point Skate and Skate Spot, designed with architecture usable and composed into existing space. Some…

Division skateparks by size

Skate Point Obstacles are matched to the existing building, fitting into the existing urban architecture, parks, public gardens, recreational areas. They include concrete benches with…

21st June is Go Skateboarding Day

On June 21st skateboarders around the UK will celebrate the creativity and spirit of one of the most influential sports, by getting together to Go…

10 Minute Skateboard Warm-up Exercises

Heading out to session a 12-stair, spending a full day in the local park or simply feeling a bit stiff? It might be time to…
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RHINO set the standard for skate ramp construction. We have developed the perfect combination of skating performance and product durability. TNTY Group is the exclusive distributor of the RHINO brand in the Southeast Asia market. It is how we bring the RHINO brand to everyone.

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