21st June is Go Skateboarding Day

On June 21st skateboarders around the UK will celebrate the creativity and spirit of one of the most influential sports, by getting together to Go Skateboarding.

While most of the country will see this date as the longest day of the year, skateboarders around Britain will be maximising the daylight hours by gathering and skateboarding at various spots and parks around the UK.

The national holiday was originally created in California during the summer of 2004 to help make skateboarding more accessible to people through various events held in the major cities. Last year more than 650 events took place in 32 countries around the world.

In the UK there are over 15 events happening up and down the country, from local meet-up’s in small villages through to a large gathering of skateboarders in Victoria Park, London to celebrate the life of the prolific Skateboarder, Ben Raemers.

Skateboarding will make it debut the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games next year, with huge anticipation from the skateboarding community. Since it’s announcement there has been rise in participation for the sport, with particular growth in female skateboarders and born-again skateboarders, re-igniting their youthful passion for the sport.

This national day has been praised by Skateboard England. CEO James Hope-Gill said “Skateboarding has never been so prominent in the people’s minds with the announcement of it becoming an Olympic sport. There are loads of events happening around the UK and it’s a great excuse to turn off the television/computer/video games and go skateboarding!”

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