Skateboarding Recovery – Icing, stretching and general body maintenance

3:44 am
We often complain about body pain or stiffness after a good skating session. Check these recovery actions that can help you reduce those aches and…

21st June is Go Skateboarding Day

3:22 am
On June 21st skateboarders around the UK will celebrate the creativity and spirit of one of the most influential sports, by getting together to Go…

10 Minute Skateboard Warm-up Exercises

2:51 am
Heading out to session a 12-stair, spending a full day in the local park or simply feeling a bit stiff? It might be time to…

Skateboarding helping to combat the national rise in mental health issues

1:57 am
New research has shown a striking correlation between people who skateboard and their improved mental health. The study conducted by Instinct Laboratory and Flo Skatepark,…

10 Dynamic work-out exercises for skateboarders

10:55 am
A quick work-out before skateboarding can mean that you’re flexible, have reduced muscle stiffness and will allow to skate for longer. Here are 10 simple…

Skateboarding update for Paris 2024 Olympics

10:53 am
Skateboarding's International Federation 'World Skate' has just released (29/11/2021) the first official communications regarding skateboarding's journey to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Although many aspects…

Skatepark Terminology

10:47 am
1. TRANSITION The name given to the curved vertical surface of the ramp. 2. VERT This describes any transition that reaches vertical. 3. COPING This…

How to Design the Ultimate Skate Park

10:32 am
Skate Parks- they’re proven to be a positive way to keep the kids out of trouble, pull them off the couch and get the adrenaline…

Types of Skateparks

10:17 am
Unlike organized sports, like basketball or football, skateboarding has no set arena or rules and skateparks have no standard design template. Each skatepark is designed…
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