Our design process explores the aspects of structure, site sensibility, functionality, innovation, and materials to give our clients and skateboarders a facility that exceeds expectations. We balance artistic expression with functionality making sure we meet our clients’ needs both now and in the future. We take great pride in designing environments that connect people with the community and facilitate a healthier lifestyle.

Our computer modeling and rendering abilities allow us to create accurate, three-dimensional, to-scale representations of our designs that we can use to understand better the functionality and layout of a skate park, its integration into an existing site, and the overall aesthetic of the park.


After more than 18 years we continue to be the leading experts in top quality concrete skate park construction. Our professionalized services fully encompass the wide range of needs necessary to build architecture and landscapes for skateboarding. Whether we are the general contractor, or a sub to a general contractor, our passion, knowledge and expertise go hand in hand to deliver a superior product to our clients.

RHINO follows a construction process that has proven to be efficient and effective through years of experience developing successful skateparks, large scale public works and multi-use park facilities, residential and commercial landscapes. We are proud to be an advocate of sustainable design-build practices.

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RHINO set the standard for skate ramp construction. We have developed the perfect combination of skating performance and product durability. TNTY Group is the exclusive distributor of the RHINO brand in the Southeast Asia market. It is how we bring the RHINO brand to everyone.

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+84 937 501 501