Division skateparks by size

  1. Skate Point

Obstacles are matched to the existing building, fitting into the existing urban architecture, parks, public gardens, recreational areas.

They include concrete benches with metal brackets positioned along the alleys.

In Skate Point can ride at once 3 to 5 people. They occupy an area of ​​about 80-100m2.

  1. Skate Spot

Skate Spots includes a small number of obstacles arranged to ensure a smooth ride from one element to another. Just as Skate Point fits perfectly into the urban architecture, the area ranges from 200 m2 to 450 m2, complementing recreational areas. Additionally, you can install lighting on it, such as benches for those who want to watch people recoiling.

  1. Skateparks in the residential areas

It is the most common type of skatepark. Its surface varies between 500m2 and 900m2. Parks of this type are equipped with all kinds of elements that satisfy both – advanced and novice users.

These locations shall be lighted and equipped with a small architecture – benches and litter bins.

Depending on the type, size, and the number of elements in the skatepark, may be present from dozen to several dozen people at once.

  1. Regional Skateparks

According to the surface, they are the most significant objects, usually above 2000 square meters. Depending on rider’s needs, they can be divided into zones with easier obstacles for beginners, medium and for advanced riders, or overall – designed to meet the needs of all users, without specifying the particular zones.

They can combine different design styles and be built by a single plan. For example, Skate Plaza’s imitates the street with more walls, pipes, benches, ramps, or skateparks in the form of pools, barriers of different angles, etc. A large number of riders can use this type of skatepark at once.

Such objects should have facilities to organize competitions and events and small architecture (benches, trash bins). A good idea is also parking and dining facilities.

The larger area, the more opportunity for both – the designer and the subsequent users of these parks.

Skateparks must be designed by the most sophisticated and reliable company with a proven track building such skateparks.

REGIONAL SKATEPARKS can become a showcase of a city or region, thus attracting young people neighboring cities and towns and from other parts of the country.

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